Cgd 218 Visual Literacy Assignment Week 4

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The message that I intend to communicate to my company through visual demonstration is one that will involve the cabinet installers in the company as well as the business managers and the company owner. There would first need to be a meeting completed and the main purpose for this meeting would be to go over the company’s monthly stats and the upcoming goals which need to accomplished and achieved. The visuals aids which will be used to deliver the message to the group will be basic pictures along with graphs that will easily display the level of the company’s monthly monetary income and the distribution of how many cabinets are produced. The usage of graphs in visuals is important since graphs enable data to be displayed in the most simplest way, because they do not have too many numbers which most times end up confusing people; in comparison to any other form of visuals that would be used. According to

STEP THRE2Visuals are an important part to a presentation, it gets the intended audience attention and keeps a grip on it. Using the right visuals when doing a presentation can enhance the main key points. One thing to keep in mind is to not overwhelm the audience with several visuals; a small number of visuals with key points incorporated will work better to get a message across. The intended message to get across to Forensic Science Technicians (Forensic Techs) is the proper handling of evidence. The first image is of tamper evidence tapes. “Tamper evident tapes are commonly used sothat any attempt to remove them will result in destruction of the tape” (Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections, 2016, p. 24). This visual was selected because it is a common tape that is used widely with police departments crime laboratory. This visual of tamper evident tape will support the intended message of properly handling evidence because it will show the Forensic Techs that the only thing that evidence should be sealed with is evident tape. Things


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