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This is a nine-lesson unit on Differentiation for students enrolled in AP Calculus AB or BC, Calculus Honors, or College Calculus. Every lesson includes
✎ A set of Guided Student Notes
✎ A daily homework assignment
✎ Four forms of a daily homework quiz or exit ticket
✎ Teachers also have the benefit of a fully-editable SMART Board® Lesson for presentation and discussion.

The SMART Board lesson can be used in many ways.
Teachers can display the presentation using the following:
* SMART Board
* Wireless Slate
* SMART Notebook for iPAD® App
* Through the SMART Notebook Express®

Lesson Objective:
* Apply the Mean Value Theorem to describe the behavior of a function over an interval.

Students will understand and apply Rolle's Theorem and The Mean Value Theorem. The lesson includes Transcendental Functions.

The unit includes:
1) Related Rates (with an introductory lesson and extra practice)
2) Position Velocity and Acceleration
3) Extrema on an Interval
4) Mean Value Theorem
5) First Derivative Test
6) Second Derivative Test
7) Curve Sketching
8) L'Hopital's Rule
9) Optimization

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45 minutes

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