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Applying for any University of Colorado Denver nursing program

Located in the state of Colorado, this university has offered its students a platform to enrich their academic levels since its establishment in the 20th century. Although it offers numerous programs, the nursing programs offered by this institution are at a very high standard making it ideal for any student wishing to pursue a nursing program in Colorado or even from any other state. To help you understand the type of University of Colorado Denver nursing programs offered by this university, we have come up with some of the most popular programs which you can seek admission to. Some of these programs include science of nursing in traditional, nursing of science degree (UCAN), RN to BSN degree, Information sessions as well as integrated nursing pathway.

Requirements one should meet before being admitted to any nursing program

If one is seeking admission to the University for an Undergraduate Degree, the applicant is required to have a GPA of at least 2.0 but the level is upgraded to 3.0 when it comes to the rather highly competitive programs such as a bachelor’s degree of science in nursing. If the applicant is from a country where English is not he native language, they will be required to take up an English test. Each level of degree has its how qualifications such as the undergraduate degree will need the applicant to submit the certificate proving that they have cleared the required high school education but in the case of postgraduate degree will require the applicant to submit proof of having achieved the relevant bachelor’s degree.

The university of Colorado Denver acceptance rate being over 80%, the university surely admits more than ¾ of all the all the admission applicants which are usually about 500 in every intake. With such statistics, you are guaranteed to stand a better chance of joining this university and pursuing your dream of being a proficient nursing expert.

Required documents for university of Colorado Denver nursing application

The first document you need to submit to the admission panel is ultimately the admission application form which you are expected to fill with your accurate personal information. The next document you will be required to attach to your application form is the application essay which is usually a random topic which you are expected to write on and prove your proficient skills in the expressing yourself through English in written form. In case you will be applying for a bachelor’s degree, you will be required to provide the certificates which prove that you have successfully undertaken a bachelor’s degree that qualifies you to apply for a post graduate degree.

More documents to attach when applying for admission

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The most important document which you will be required to attach to your application and consequently increase your chances of being given an admission letter is the nursing personal statement. The university of Colorado–Denver admission requirements demands that the applicant submits a comprehensive personal statement which should be well written to ensure they maximize their chances of being enrolled into the University for the Nursing Program of their choosing. Since this paper is very important to your career development it is important that you accord it with all the attention it demands. One of the steps you could follow includes using the available personal statements templates which provide their users with information on all the points that are mandatory and exactly how to arrange those points. The important information o note about the process of writing these documents is that you should make sure that you keep your statement brief and at the same ensure that here are no errors of whatever kind.

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Visit the universities official website for more information about their courses as you also choose any University of Colorado Denver nursing program that is listed there and you will be on your way to becoming a nursing expert.

CU Denver BSN Essay

by lindsaylat
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  1. 0 Hi! I am currrently applying to CU Denver for the Traditional BSN 2012 start date. I have been accepted to 2 out-of-state schools but REALLY need to go in-state for personal reasons and I am currently on the wait-list for Regis Fall 2011. As a back-up in case I don't get into Regis, I am applying to CU Denver. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the essay!? I have read that CU weighs the essay very heavily along with your grades, and while I feel very strong with grades, I really need to nail the essay! One of the sections is referring to the nurse role today and I am just wondering if they want specific duties of a nurse or if they are looking more for the qualities and characteristics of nurses today? So, if anyone has been through their application process or is affiliated with the program, I would GREATLY appreciate your input! Thank you very much!
  2. May 19, '11 by lindsaylat
    Please!!! Any and all help is welcome!
  3. Hi Linsaylat,

    I too am applying for CU's 2012 start date. I am struggling with the essay also, my problem is the length. I, for the life of me can not figure out how to condense my essay into the one page that they are asking. My answer to the first question alone was one full paged single spaced Anyway, what I did in answering question #2 concerning nurses roles is include both some of the specific duties that a nurse performs as well as some important characteristics that they display as well. I think doing it in this way will show the reader that we have a good idea if not the full grasp of what a nurse really is-If that makes any sense. I am sorry I could not give you advise as if I was a student at CU-Denver and I will try to see if there are any threads that may further help you.

    I wish you the best!
  4. May 24, '11 by marianbells
    Try changing the margins. I'm working on the essays right now too. What a pain! How can I describe myself, answer the questions, grab their attention all in one page? Arg! Good luck (though you are my competition!).
  5. Last edit by Ms.Dre22 on May 24, '11 : Reason: Needed to add more.
    Hey there competition! lol Thank you for your suggestion on the margins, it helped! At first I was a bit hesistant to change them, but no where on the website did they indicate a margin range right?! And man tell me about it, they ask questions that I feel need a in depth answer not a quick paragraph. I am trying to make every word count and have meaning, but right now after I edited my original essay by taking out certain details, I feel that I am just strictly getting to the point for a one page limit sake-it does not represent who I am-not yet at least!

    Thanks again & I hope you do well!
  6. I spent a few hours writing and then days hours resizing margins, revising, editing, cutting, wordsmithing, etc. Let me save you a little time. Unless they've completely changed it, even though you can upload your essay in a document, you don't get to pick the font size or margins. You can paste, or you can upload, but the app will pull the text out of the .docx and insert it in the app in their own style. You have to choose print preview, or print out app for review, or whatever, in order to see how much space you really have taken up. The good news is you probably have 30-50% more space than you thought.

    PS I'm not your competition.
  7. don't list all the experience you have, just the ones you had for at least a year, related to nursing. They want to see your long term goal mentioned somewhere too, i.e. NP, work/volunteer abroad, etc. Good references help too. GL!
  8. I was just accepted into the program for this summer. So, in my essay I wrote a lot about nursing characteristics. Such as a mentor, friend, etc. I didn't really say like a nurse does this and this. Good luck!
  9. May 24, '11 by lindsaylat
    Thank you for your response! I really appreciate hearing that I am not the only one struggling with the questions and size limitations! Good luck with the applicationa dn who knows, maybe we'll be classmates!
  10. May 24, '11 by lindsaylat
    Congratulations on your acceptance! Thank you for the advice as well! I am hoping that since Summer applicants are finding out now about their acceptance that some Regis seats will open up! I know if I had the option, I would pick CU over Regis mainly for financial reasons. Good luck with your program and congrats again!
  11. May 24, '11 by lindsaylat
    Haha, just realized that I am making general response posts when I thought I was responding to the individuals who wrote me...sorry! One message was to "Lindsey14" and the other to "Mr.Dre22"
    To everyone else that responded to me...THANK YOU! I greatly appreciate all of the advice! Maybe once my essay is as perfect as I think it can be I'll go into the application and see how much more room I have. Actaully, speaking of that...if I am right at the end of the page with a (.) will that give me a few more lines to work with on the application setup? Thanks again everyone!
  12. No problem! I am so glad that you are nearly done with your essay! I am too-well somewhat. I went over the page limit by 5 lines! I am trying desperately to see where I can cut out somethings but since I already cut out A LOT of my details my mind is telling me that I cant afford to do anymore. So maybe I will just have to re-word them or something??

    So I have a question for you now, how did you format your essay? Did you include a heading? I started typing from the first line downward and boy does it look cluttered! The website does not specify how to format it other than labeling the answers "A" "B" and "C" and typing it single spaced so I'm clueless??
  13. I am also starting CU this summer. I spent about 2 months working on my essay; I put it away for awhile and then reread it. Amazing how easy it was to condense things. It was a great idea to limit it to one page because it forces you to just write the important information without fluff! I followed directions exactly as stated: 12 pt. font and single spacing; I just put an A. B. and C. in front of each answer leaving a space between each.

    As far as the role of the nurse I mentioned information about personal characteristics including basic knowledge needed for today's nurse... technology, etc. It was in this question that I added information about my background. I did not include any references.

    Who knows what they look for when they are screening the essays. Maybe just basic writing skills...which so many people lack these days!


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